5 Things To Do On A Visit To Belvoir Castle

Jun 5, 2018 | General

1. Spot a slice of Queen Victoria’s Wedding Cake in the Elizabeth Saloon

The Elizabeth Saloon is one of the most magnificent rooms in the whole Castle, with gilded peacocks, rich Chinese silk, hand-painted ceilings and even a slice of Queen Victoria’s Wedding Cake, safely preserved in a beautiful gilt-wood table cabinet at the end of the room near the windows. Queen Victoria visited the Castle many times, so you may well be walking in her footsteps. This room was crafted by the 5th Duchess Elizabeth, who sadly died before it was complete, and it’s named the Elizabeth Saloon in her memory.

2. Walk amongst past King & Queens in the Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery at Belvoir Castle is home to one of the iconic Hans Holbein portraits of Henry VIII. This portrait was bought for the 4th Duke from Christie’s on 24th January 1787 for £211.10s – in today’s money this equates to £18,211.10. But in 1780, you could buy one of the following with £211.10s: 20 horses, 42 cows, 37 quarters of wheat or 1,410 days of skilled tradesmen’s wages!

3. Enjoy Afternoon Tea in the place where the idea evolved

Did you know that Afternoon Tea was first thought of here at Belvoir Castle? In the 1840s the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna Marie was visiting the Duke of Rutland. The Duchess discovered that dinner was served later at Belvoir Castle than she was used to, therefore she was left feeling a little hungry and low in the afternoon. The Duchess requested that the butler bring her some tea with sandwiches in the late afternoon. It was at this point that afternoon tea was created! The new trend was passed on to her good friend Queen Victoria, who then encouraged it at court. The Queen and Prince Albert began taking traditional Afternoon Tea after 3pm. So, there is really no better place to indulge in a delicious Duchess’s Afternoon Tea than where it was first created!

4. Wander through the woodlands and gardens or find the tallest Yew tree in Europe!

The Belvoir Estate lets you lose yourself for hours in the beauty of nature. Our Capability Brown landscape makes for the perfect walking day; with a choice of routes there are plenty of hidden adventures to discover. Why not start with the Root & Moss House, Tufa Grotto and the beautiful Pink Dairy? Good luck finding Europe’s tallest Yew tree! (it is hard to miss…) We definitely recommend bringing a picnic along to enjoy one of the incredible viewpoints overlooking the Vale of Belvoir.

5. Take a photograph on the cannonade and act like King or Queen of the Castle

Belvoir Castle must be one of the most spectacular spots for photographs in the whole of Leicestershire. The Castle provides a simply stunning backdrop for your pictures. We all know memories last a lifetime but having that photo evidence is always an added bonus! Don’t forget to tag us in your photographs with the hashtag #BelvoirCastle.