The Country Victualler

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The Country Victualler
The Engine Yard
Belvoir Castle
Grantham NG32 1PE
Tel: 01777 874 700

Renowned for producing delicious hams, award-winning pies, pâtés and smoked meats, the Country Victualler was established in Nottinghamshire by Richard Craven-Smith-Milnes and his wife Jane in 1973.

After they retired, Alison and her father Mike, of Mike Maloney Country Butchers and Bakers Limited took over in January 2013.

The business still retains a real family feel about it.  Our team of highly skilled craft butchers and bakers have amassed a wonderful stock of heritage recipes. We’re all focused on giving you a true taste of the country, using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Have you tasted our flagship ham?

Our signature product is our Alderton Ham™, a deliciously sweet and succulent baked ham, glazed with marmalade for a unique, yet traditional taste. Hailed by Rick Stein as a food hero, we’re the nation’s sole producer of this special ham – and it’s a favourite with Partridges of Sloane Street, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason.

See what people say about our famous Alderton Ham™:

“A very good ham and one which I have been buying for a very long time. I love the deep flavours of the pork as well as the marmalade glaze. It is not sweet just perfectly balanced in flavour.”

“We have been buying your whole hams for years. They are unbeatable for taste and value. We eat it for a few days and then freeze the rest in slices for sandwiches or chunks for pies / pasta dishes etc. We then cook up the bone with peas to make the best pea and ham soup ever. If you use it all, it works out cheaper than supermarket ham yet the quality is out of this world. Many friends have tasted it and ordered it for themselves. Wouldn’t buy ham from anywhere else. Thank you!”

A cut above the rest

Alison’s father Mike Maloney opened his first butcher’s shop in 1979 and is passionate about retaining traditional craft butchery methods. He is often on hand to provide guidance and technique training for our younger butchers. We practise whole carcass butchery, so offal and lesser known cuts are readily available. 

The secret of our success

Our customers appreciate the history and traditional values of the Country Victualler. We are very clear about provenance and committed to providing the finest quality products, great flavours and complete customer satisfaction.

So what’s different about us? For starters (or even main…), we developed the Nottinghamshire sausage, a mix of pork, venison and Bramley apples.

Our cattle graze on pasture untouched by pesticide or plough for 200 years on the banks of the River Trent.

We champion other small food producers from the East Midlands, using Lincolnshire Poacher, Stichelton and Vintage Red Fox cheeses in our baked goods.

It’s all a matter of taste. Come and see what you think.