The Belvoir Farmshop 


Discover the Heart of Freshness and Flavour at Belvoir Farmshop

Step into a world where freshness meets flavour at Belvoir Farmshop, your premier destination for locally sourced produce and goods straight from the heart of the Belvoir Estate.

Savor the essence of our region with each bite, as we meticulously select the finest ingredients from nearby farms and artisans. From seasonal vegetables to juicy fruits, every item reflects our dedication to quality and community.

Explore our curated selection of artisanal cheeses and freshly baked bread, crafted by local producers committed to excellence. With each purchase, you support sustainable farming practices and ethical production methods.

Indulge in our homegrown honey and handcrafted preserves, capturing the essence of the Belvoir Estate’s lush surroundings. Each product embodies the tradition and passion of our land and its caretakers.

At Belvoir Farmshop, we invite you to experience the authenticity of locally sourced goods while supporting our community of growers and artisans. Discover the taste of tradition and let every bite transport you to the heart of the Belvoir Estate.


Opening Times

The Belvoir Farmshop, Engine Yard, Belvoir Castle, NG32 1PA

Monday 9am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 5pm
Wednesday 9am 5pm
Thursday 9am 5pm
Friday 9am 5pm
Saturday 9am 5pm
Sunday 10am 4pm



Butchery and Deli Counter

Our Deli Counter showcases a tantalizing array of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and delectable antipasti, all crafted with care from the finest ingredients sourced directly from our estate. From savory salamis to aged cheddars, each selection reflects the rich flavors and traditions of our region.

Step up to our Butchery, where our skilled artisans transform estate-raised animals into premium cuts of meat, ready to elevate your culinary creations. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices, every steak, chop, and sausage embodies the essence of our land and the respect we hold for our animals.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect charcuterie platter for a gathering or a prime cut for a special meal, our Deli Counter and Butchery offer a taste of Belvoir Estate’s culinary legacy. Indulge in the finest flavors our land has to offer and experience the difference that passion and quality make with every bite.